Lowes Foods: best of the best

Sorry, no match up this week...I will make sure those are up next Wednesday. I have a feeling most of you are taking advantage of Harris Teeter this week anyway!

Aunt Jemima Pancakes $0.75 each when you buy 2
Breyers Yogurt $0.08 (wish I had that coupon!)
Cheez-its $0.50
Colgate Toothpaste $0.99 (Part of Buy 10, save $5 promo)
Finish Detergent $0.99
Gorton's Breaded Tenders/Fillets/Fish Sticks $1.49
Gorton's Grilled Tilpaia $1.24
Selected Kellogg's Cereals $1.00
Kellogg's Poptarts $0.56
Ken's Salad Dressing FREE
Kozy Shack Pudding FREE
Kraft Singles $0.50 (Part of Kraft buy 3, save $3 promo)
Lysol Cleaners $0.50-$1.00
Nature's Pride bread $0.14
OM Bologna $0.20
Sorrento Stringsters $1.60Pin It

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