Harris Teeter: AND this is why we are friends...

Items above:
TOTAL OOP:  $4.24  BUT read below and see just why we are friends  :)

I had to go to the Teeter this afternoon to use my $8.00 catalina...PLUS I was looking to use my eVIC when you spend $10 on select Unilever products and save $3 instantly.  Long story short:  I wanted to get the Lipton decaf tea bags and mayo, I had a nice transaction worked out and everything.   When my cashier hit the enter button and my instant $3 didn't come off I just had her remove the items.  No biggie.  But she called for help and the store manager responded...we couldn't figure out why it didn't work (since we didn't have which items were 'selected') in front of us.  So once I figured out which items were listed I went to get the correct tea bags (whoops got the wrong ones the first time)...well what do you know they don't carry the ones I needed/wanted DECAF...so the store manager gave me a $5 gift card for all of my troubles!!!

TOTAL BACK IN MY POCKET:  $5.00  profit of $0.76
YAY!!  Thanks Randy!!  And that's why we are friends, for being so generous!!

Here's what my transaction looked like:
x4 College Inn Broth BOGO =$5.90
x10 Del Monte canned veggies  buy2get3 free =$5
x3 Dixie Sugar $2.50 each =$7.50
x2 Earthbound =$7
x1 Muir Glen Tom Paste =$1.55
=$40.xx before VIC savings
=$27.xx after VIC savings
=MINUS Coupon Saving of $15
=PLUS Gift Card, well, that makes me +$0.76

Minus x4   $1 College Inn Broth (-$4)                48 cents each
Minus x2   $1 Del Monte             (-$2)                30 cents each
Minus x3   $0.75 Dixie Sugar     (-$4.50)         1.00 each
Minus x2   $0.75 Earthbound      (-$3)               2.00 each
Minus x1   $0.75 Muir Glen         (-$1.50)            .05 eachPin It

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