Harris Teeter Super Doubles Day 1

This is to prove to all the skeptics that I buy more than all the FREE stuff ( although that is some of what I buy)...I have a tremendous stockpile of food and DO NOT have to go to the store at all, so anything I buy is a bonus. Although for the record, I do buy produce weekly (2 bunches of bananas every 2-3 days....we eat at least 4 bananas a day here!) Aldi is a great place to shop for produce, when it is not on sale at the mainstream stores, although Food Lion has bananas for $0.50/lb everyday!
This may also help some of the newbies understand how I shop. I stock up on things I know I use when they are free or cheap at superdoubles/triples event. You can see above Tofu, Pam, hot shot ant killer, etc....seems a bit random to buy 4 tofu at a time or 6 pam cooking sprays...but guess what I do not have to "run" to the store to get something because I am out of it (and pay full price). Also when veggies are this cheap STOCK UP! I may get more this week. Think ahead...soups, stews, and chili are on the horizon with the colder weather and you will be able to cook from your pantry and not have to "run" out and get something for dinner!

Transaction #1
2 tofu 2.99/e
2 seventh generation dish soap 1.99/e
3 campbells soups 1.67/e
2 yo baby 4pk yogurt 2.49/e
4 zatarains rice 1.00/e
2 zat rice 1.50/e
3 pam spray 2.50/e
2 martha white muffins mix 1.15/e
pillsbury cinn roll 1.00
2 pillsbury cresent rolls 1.00/e

used: (keep in mind all doubled)
(2)-1/1 tofu
(2)-1/1 7th gen
1.50/3 campbells
(2) -1/1 yobaby yogurt
(3) 1/2 zatarains
(3) 1.50/1 pam
-1/2 martha white
(3) -0.50/1 pillsbury
-5.00 catalina from deal posted here

= with tax $1.89 OOP

Transaction #2

15 cans green giant (b2g3) 1.25/e
3 campbells soups 1.67/e
3 pam spray 2.50/e
3 pillsbury cinn rolls 1.00/e
2 tofu 2.99/e
6 zatarains 1.00/e
2 polaners jelly 2.00/e
2 kikkoman soy sauce 2.50/e
2 hot shot ant and roach killer 3.99/e
2 HT dozen eggs 0.77/e

used: (all coupons doubled)
(3) -1/2 green giant
-1.50/3 campbells
(3) 1.50/1 pam
(3)-0.50/1 pillsbury
(3) -1/2 zatarains
(2)-1/1 polaners
(2) -1/1 kikkoman
(2) -1.50/1 hot shot
-5.00 catalina from deal here

=with tax $10.77

Transactions #3 and 4
5 Kleenex 1.00/e
-5.00 catalina
=.39 OOP
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Hana said...

I was told only 20 coupons per day. Looks like u used a ton more...did someone give u their VIC cards?