Monday Menu Plan: Nov 29th

Produce:  Avocados, apples and blood oranges
Sunday - Simply Leftovers

Monday -  Balsamic Chicken (wish I had the recipe I used on this one.  I purchased a family size pack of chicken and separated and marinaded before I froze it), Creamed Corn (compliments of MIL's garden), Spinach Salad 

Tuesday - Mac and cheese, Beets, Asparagus, Cornbread (someone made some yummy mac and cheese so I've been wanting more since then!!)

Wednesday - Pork Tenderloin (again I marinated it but don't even know the flavor BOO TO ME), Sweet Potatoes, Salad 
Thursday - Sheppard's Pie, Rolls, Fruit (depends what is on sale this week produce wise)

Friday - Christmas Party

Saturday - DH Birthday...so it will be a surprise

Sunday - Simply leftovers 

orgjunkie.com  with MORE menu ideas, scroll down when you get therePin It

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