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OMG! This is not just another infant seat, THIS IS THE MERCEDES OF INFANT SEATS! The Mama Roo by 4Moms. It moves like you do....have you ever seen a parent move the way a swing does? NOPE. It is 4Moms motto for the MamaRoo, This seat moves like you do. As we know as moms that we bounce up and down, sway from side to side and what about those car rides to get an infant to sleep. Most (not all I know) infants sleep very well in their car seats and on car rides. I am guilty of taking my infants in the car for rides to get a "break" and rest a little. Oh the Mama Roo does that too...it has a setting for a car ride (what a blessing)! I thought oh this is going to be wonderful, I know moms had to invent this product.

Five unique motions

  • Car Ride

    Car Ride

    A figure eight on its side
  • KangaRoo


    Lots of up-and-down, less side-to-side
  • Tree Swing

    Tree Swing

    High on the sides, low in the middle
  • Rock-A-Bye


    Low on the sides, high in the middle
  • Ocean Wave

    Ocean Wave

    Around in a big circle

A few of the Mama Roo features are:
Adjustable speed
Built in white noise machine (genius I must say)
MP3 plug in jack and cord included (to rock out when the time is right, or simply play your favorite downloaded music)
Reclines to any position on its back
Fabric easily removes to be washed
3 balls that attach at the top for the baby to play with or study (black and white on one side for 1-4 months and color on the other side for 4+ months...when they see color)

I used this seat on Elle starting when she was about 6 months old, until she would no longer stay in it...she was and still is a small baby girl! She loved this seat and still loves the balls that hang on it. I used 2 other swings and vibrating seats between my house and grandma's house and this was the ticket, all the others were history and I will never turn back now! IT ROCKED! I have several friends who come over and say where is that seat you have, let me try it out.

This seat is a must have if you are expecting or know someone who is expecting!

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