Rite Aid Run Yesterday

I have been waiting until later in the week to do Rite Aid lately. Many of you ask me on a regular basis how I find time to do all I do....hum...little sleep I assume is the answer, oh and I am VERY organized and OCD. I like to have everything planned for the week and then for my plan to fall into action. If things go crazy, I do not flip out just reorganize, I have learned this with children! I go to Harris Teeter, Rite Aid, Walgreens, & CVS weekly (and usually Food Lion and an occasional run to Lowes too). I go where the deals are, they will not come to you.EFFORT PEOPLE EFFORT! If you want to be good stewards of your money then guess what....know where you are spending it and GET MORE FOR LESS!

This pic shows what I got at Rite Aid today and made a $4 profit too (+ got all this stuff)....Now keep in mind that this involves a lot of coupons and rolling and stacking of coupons (mfr and store), but it can be done with a little effort! You have to put forth the time and determination to make these deals work and it is not for everyone, but can be done if you try.
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Heather said...

Can you give a breakdown of what you used for this deal?