DIY: Homemade Organic Vanilla Extract

Recently I have ventured out to make my own stuff (DIY=Do It Yourself Projects)...you will see more to come!

Thanks to Heavenly Homemaker I learned how to make homemade organic vanilla extract!

What you need:
A gallon jar (I used the Vodka container, I bought the one in glass)
One gallon of Vodka (the cheap stuff is fine) (To keep you from standing in the liquor section too long to calculate this…2 bottles of 1.75 liters each will be the exact amount you need to make a gallon of vanilla.)
80 Vanilla Beans (You’ll need about 3/4 pound to have 80 beans) – enter code hhm2011 for a 10% discounton Vanilla Beans through Olive Nation!! (thanks Heavenly Homemaker)
Kitchen shears

Step 1:
Begin by slicing through each bean lengthwise, leaving about one inch at the top of each bean uncut so that it stays together.

Step 2:
Place all of your cut Vanilla Beans into your jar

Step 3:
Once the jar is full with beans and vodka, put the lid on…then put the jar in a dark place (like in the back of a cabinet). It needs to stay there for FOUR to SIX MONTHS in order to become vanilla extract!

Occasionally, you should get it out and shake it up a bit, then put it back into it’s dark place

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