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Soon after beginning to read both the paper book ~ Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain, and the eBook ~ Montessori at Home, I was in love! Many of you know Ramsey went to Montessori School for 3 years before I decided to homeschool. Both books are exactly what I had been looking for when I began homeschooling.

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Mr. Bowman sent me both formats and I have been able to look over them both and both are wonderful assets to your home. There is a format for the computer type and the typical book type too, which is a little more condensed. Here’s my thoughts…

In the books you will find...

Lots of scientific stuff, early childhood education stuff, and information about Maria Montessori and the background behind her methods. Lists of items to gather, simple ideas to make Montessori work for you at home.

You will also find activities for your home and children…most which you can begin the day you read about them! Mr. Bowman makes it truly easy for you to do the activities at home! You can already see many of his activities featured in his first Montessori Minute post


If you are even remotely interested in doing homeschool with your child for the early years, you want this book {either or both}. Mr. Bowman empowers you to believe you can do this.

More about the author, from him:I spent 12 years as a Montessori preschool teacher and center director. I actually shelved this project after I got married in 1980 and entered a new career. In late 2009 I again became interested in writing a Montessori book for parents. I assumed that multiple similar books had probably been written in all that time, so I checked out most of the books on the market. Surprisingly, I found none that covered the subject in the comprehensive way I had in mind, especially concerning modifying Montessori activities for easy set up & use at home and giving parents a complete Montessori at home program. So, I wrote Montessori At Home! and then the second book.

He is offering his ebook to readers of Frugal Frenzy for $5.95 during August! WOW!!! Click Here the button at the top right of the blog or here to buy his ebook.

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We are also doing a giveaway here for the ebook, paperback book, and his CD!

Giveaway closes on Wednesday August 10th at 12pm.

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