Shopping at Costco can save you money!

Buying staples at Costco (or similar warehouse store) can save you money. Now I say this with warning, if you buy all the other stuff they have in the aisles....you will not save money! I am going to show you a few comparisons, with stores where I believe they have good prices on these items!  I bake a lot or bread and bread related items.  So if you do alot of bakig pay attention to the staples you use!

Dixie Crystal sugar is $5.79/10lb bag at Costco vs Aldi $2.95/4lb bag store brand)
break down:Costco is $0.579/lb vs Aldi is $0.73/lb
savings of 1.58/10lb

Flour: Costco flour $6.85/25lb bag vs Harris Teeter Store brand $2.19/5lb (think Aldi is about $1.99/5lb)
breakdown: Costco is $0.27/lb vs Harris Teeter $0.43/lb vs Aldi $0.40/lb
savings of $4.10/25lb bag

Milk: Costco Fat-free milk $2.95/gal (1% and 2% were $3.35) vs Harris Teeter store brand $3.79 or Aldi store brand $2.99.
savings of $0

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