No spending spree...AGAIN!

NO Spending Spree...huh?

Some of you may recall, I did this in June and I have decided that it was time to go on a NO Spending Spree for the month of NOVEMBER (well, I decided today-thru Thanksgiving)! We are going to Disney this year for our Christmas and this will help save a little extra!  Here Goes nothing!!!!  I’m really excited about it (and scared), because we are going for an entire month without spending money on anything but bare essentials and bills.

Essential Spending Allowed:
  • Gas
  • Regular Bills (ie. Mortgage, Electric etc…)
  • Bare Essential Groceries Allowed: Soy Milk (regular milk in freezer), Bread, Eggs and Produce (which won't be much because garden is almost in!!!)
  • I have +Ups (Rite Aid) & ECB (CVS) that I cannot let expire or blow them, so I will be rolling them for free items only!
  • I have aso allowed myself to get deals where the items are $.50 or less(free) at the grocery store...
What we will NOT be spending money on:
  • Eating Out ( we have a few restaurant.com gift certificates we need to use up!)
  • Bulk Grocery Shopping (which is rare, but not going to happen)
  • Thrift Store and Yard Sale Shopping
  • Family Outings (I have several groupons/living social deals saved up for this)
  • Anything that is not an ABSOLUTE Need for Survival
*This is going to take a lot of willpower.

Have you done a NO Spending Spree with your family?
How do you think we will be doing by the end of the month?
And the ultimate question is, who’s brave enough to join us for a month?
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