Menu Plan for the Week

I'm baaaaaackkkk with our Menu Plan anyway.

If you're new here you may want to know that all of my cooking is WITHOUT eggs, milk (and by products), peanut, or nuts.  We also avoid soy.  How do I bake you ask?  Well, when a recipe calls for milk I use Coconut milk...butter-Earth Balance...eggs-egg substitute. I will slowly get some of the recipes posted but if you would like one in the meantime just shoot me an email.  Everything is from scratch...the pigs in the blankets are really apple gates turkey in a blanket but I made the blanket!  ;) 

oatmeal, raspberries
burritos, fruit

10 grain hot cereal, blueberries
bean burritos w/ my guac, raw veggies
potato soup, spring salad

Whole Wheat Waffles, grapefruit
Heart shaped pretzels, steamed snap peas, black beans, blueberries
THAT IS THE QUESTION...waiting on Darrell's request *hamburgers

Pumpkin muffins, fruit
A dipping lunch:  black bean dip (oh so good) with pita chips, carrots w/ ranch and hummus, fruit
pinto beans and cornbread (fruit too)

Giant Breakfast cookies, fruit
Pigs in a blanket, carrots with ranch, apples

bbq chicken, potato wedges, peas

Applesauce bread, grapefruit
Hamburgers, sliced avocado, fruit salad, green beans Tuesday's dinner

Homemade Pizza, tossed salad, fruit

whole wheat biscuits, applebutter and smoothie
Spaghetti, broccoli, honey whole wheat breadPin It

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