Menu Plan: May 20 - 26

I had to remember when the last time I took a picture of food....then I recalled dinner from last week.  Sorry Sebastian, you sure were tasty!  While I never got around to posting our beachy menu we sure had one and followed it pretty closely.  I did a load of baking (and freezing) the weeks leading up to last week so I took a week worth of breakfast, snacks and lunch with us.  I wanted to enjoy my vacation and not be a slave to the kitchen.    Since we went with family we alternated cooking dinners (kinda).  After a week "off" in the kitchen I am pretty excited to fire up the ol' oven again. 

This week is off to a good start even IF I am just now getting to the computer to write it out.
This morning we made a trip to Whole Foods for our week worth of groceries.  Although I did forget about the Holiday weekend so we may change things up a bit but we haven't completely decided on that. 

Sunday, May 20
Oatmeal, fruit

cannot for the life of me remember, cereal mix maybe?  (something lame since no food from beach)

Monday, May 21
Whole wheat waffles, fruit
Chicken dogs, blueberries, pretzels
Chicken salad-fresh greens in wrap with apple slices, rice chips

Tuesday, May 22
Oatmeal, fruit

Last night's dinner
Spaghetti, tossed salad, green beans, whole wheat yeast rolls

Wednesday, May 23
Whole wheat waffles, fruit salad
Picnic lunch (sunbutter on rice cakes, carrots, fruit)
Delicious Big Bowl Quinoa - probably have salad too

Thursday, May 24
Toast with sunbutter, applesauceSnacky-Picnic lunch.  Celebrating a sweet friend's graduation
Bean & Butternut Tacos with Green Salsa (may or may not be green salsa)

Friday, May 25
Sweet potato with maple syrup (yeah, we'll see how this goes over)Tuna salad on crackers, tomatoes, olives, carrots
Some type of 'burger'
, sweet snap peas, roast squash

Saturday, May 26
Darrell's choice
Vegan Quiche (spinach, mushroom, tomato, zucchini)

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