Menu Plan: June 3 - 9

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First of all, can I just tell you I cannot believe it is June already, Sunday June 3rd specifically.  I feel like we just planted our garden last week.  BOOM and we have squash and banana peppers, that-have-been-picked.  Complaining, no, just amazed that days slip by so quickly.

No, I didn't have a menu plan last week on paper.  I tried one in my head and that didn't work either.  I hated it too. I wondered what happened that I didn't do one!  While I cannot remember what kept me from writing it down I do remember how I felt.  NOT GOOD, overwhelmed, annoyed, frustrated, bad moodish (yes, I made that word up), you get where I'm going with this...    Luckily, the children and I ended up in the mountains at the end of the week for a surprise farewell so that was kinda a relief (at meal time).  (My mother left for a three mission trip to Honduras and we just HAD to see her off!)   Darrell survived too, I left him some goodies in the fridge!  So YEA for a new week and new week that has PLANNED meals!!!!! 

Last night I asked Darrell to let me know some things he'd like for dinner this week...he was happy to spit out requests...

Sunday, June 3
Rice chex, blueberries


Monday, June 4
Easy Monday Morning Pancakes*, strawberries
Cucumbers with vegan cream cheese garlic/chive/dill dip, green beans, mango (served in muffin tin)
Delicious Big Bowl Quinoa  OR Simple Fried Rice with Japanese seven spice (minus tofu and sub quinoa for brown rice), tossed salad

Tuesday, June 5
Zucchini Muffins (I'll sub with flax eggs & EB butter), peaches

Black bean salsa, organic blue corn chips, cantaloupe
Bacon avocado lettuce sliders, baked sweet potato fries, fruit

Wednesday, June 6
Vegan French Toast, fruit
Picnic friendly lunch
Baked beans, slaw

Thursday, June 7
Out the Door Oatmeal, apples
Picnic friendly lunch
Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheeze (Vegan with Gluten-free & Nut-Free options), steamed spinach, beets from the 2011 garden, fruit

Friday, June 8
Cinnamon Buns (vegan), fruit medley

Easy One-Bite Pizzas with Loaded Pizza Sauce, greens, salad, fruit

Saturday, June 9
Davis' choice, fruit
leftovers or grilled squash, grilled honey dipped peaches, and quinoa on the side
Vegan Quiche (spinach, mushroom, tomato, zucchini)   Graduation BBQ at neighbor's house

*recipe calls for all purpose/spelt flour- I use my whole wheat and they turn our deliciously!! Also, no maple syrup needed, that are THAT good!  Make in VitaMix night before and refrigerate for easy pouring Monday morning.

Other Kitchen activities:
Rhubarb Sauce
Mud pie or mud balls
Banana Bread/MuffinsPin It

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