Monday Menu Plan: Jan 3 - 9

I have to admit, when I  'wing it' for dinner it sure is stressful!  Rather annoying actually.  I realized last week (or was it the week before?) that I really do HAVE TO make our family menu.  While it may not always be fun or exciting at least it is there and I know I have everything to make a meal for my family!

M-Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans
T-Salmon, sweet potatoes, creamed corn
W-Eggplant Parmesan (I think this is the one I really used, I tweaked it a bit though) , salad, fruit
F-Pizza Night!!!  salad, fruit
S-Hopefully Yummy Chicken with my homemade bbq sauce (recipe to follow but I have to make the ketchup first), with broccoli and fruit
S-something simple

M-Taco Soup from late last week
T-Picnic style (morning out)
W-veggies noodles, salad, fruit
R-leftovers/sandwich, carrot sticks, fruitF-leftovers/sandwich, carrot sticks, fruit

S-simply not sure (something easy)
S-most likely lunch out
M- Spicy Chicken biscuit

T-Cold cereal
W-Muffins, cottage cheese
R-Hot cereal
F-WW pancakes
S-DH/DDs requested filled
S-something quick

And there it is....meals for this week!!Pin It

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Kim said...

You eat the same way we do. Simple stuff that tastes good :)