Caribbean Black Bean Dip

Caribbean Black Bean Dip

I made this for the first time Saturday.  We LOVED it and Darrell requested it again this week.  It is quick and super easy.  We dipped with pita but I guess you could use any ol' thing...corn chips, rice chips, celery, carrots...

Caribbean Black Bean Dip

1/2 c onions
2 c black bean
garlic (1 clove or 1/8 t powder)
2 T lime juice
1 T cilantro
1 T water
salt to taste


1.  saute onions in oil, cool

2.  throw everything in blender and blend until desired consistency
Really you can add or less according to your taste buds!  I didn't cool the onions just tossed them in.  They're hidden under the black beans, promise.    I have no idea what a can of beans would equal cup wise.  I only purchase dry beans.  I cook a batch of beans then freeze 2 cups per container.  Anyone know how how many cups are in a small can of black beans?Pin It

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