Tasty Tuesday: Pinto Pizza (for lack of a better name)


Pinto Pizza

Yes, I named this myself.  I wanted to called it Mexican Pizza but Darrell didn't like that so I am running with it...any better ideas??
This quick and easy meal is surely to be liked by all.  Darrell and Davis were especially lucky because I had a little cheese to sprinkle on theirs.  Although I should tell you at end of dinner Darrell requested that next go around I forgo the cheese on his.  His words, "It's good enough without it".  Hmmmm, okay, that's easy!

I made the tortilla's...they are SUPER EASY!  Time consuming-sure, worth it-definitely! 

I didn't forget the measurements of the ingredients they are open ended so I just left them off, you can make a few of these or tons...

tortillas  (made these tonight, recipe soon)
pinto beans (cooked and frozen in 2 cup containers)
cheese (optional)
salsa  (made some tonight-the rest is quart jar ready for the next adventure)


1.  Place tortilla on baking sheet (don't even need to "grease")
2.  Spread the pinto beans on the tortilla
3.  If adding cheese, insert HERE
4.  Bake 350 for 10 - 15 or until cheese melted or until they are warm  ;)
5.  Add salsa
6.  Add avocado slices
7.  Add cilantro
8.  Serve to family and enjoy...may add fruit too.  We had apple chunks tonight.Pin It

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