Aldi: Produce Deals and Shopping Trip


 Sunday Shopping Trip, pictured above:
 9 Green peppers
6 Grapefruits
1 bag Oranges
1 pack Roma's
1 pack Strawberries
1 bag Red onions

2 Avocados
1 bag Celery
1 bag Spinach
2 pack Mushrooms
1bag Brown sugar
1 oats
2 bags Sweet potatoes
1 bag Apples

2 'over ripe' bunches from Food Lion $1.68 and that concludes our shopping for the week!

Produce prices THIS WEEk at ALDI:
Green peppers, 3-pack, .99

Tomatoes on the vine, 24 oz package, .99
Romaine hearts, 3 pack, .99
Red onions, 2 lb bag, .69
Baby Bella mushrooms, 8 oz., .69
Roma tomatoes, 20 oz package, .79

IF you are a Wal Mart shopper....they will price match the Aldi ad.  I suggest taking the add so there aren't any issues. Pin It

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