Menu Plan for the week (Feb 26 - March 3)

I had started to clean the mess at the arrow but thought a picture to capture the moment would be nice.
No, that isn't ice or the next in style kitchen decor.  That, my friends, is what use to be my 9x13 baking dish.   Apparently when you turn on a cooking unit and it heats a baking dish that is sitting on the 'eye' this is what happens.  Now, for clarification, I didn't mean to.  I thought I turned on the rear unit not the front.  On the front sat my dish patiently waiting for me.  On the other front unit was this...
blowout two

Our dinner.  Just sitting there all sauteed up waiting for the liquid to cover it.  Then after the BIG explosion, I happened to see the lovely GLASS chunk.  Great, a whole pot of black bean veggie stew wasted, well the veggies anyway (and my time cutting and slicing everything).  I am pretty sure those are tiny peices of glass on my spatula.  Oh should I mention the fact that I was standing in front of the oven when this happened.  My dish actually hit my hip.  I walked away injury free, thankfully.  Also, a blessing to be mentioned is that I was making this Saturday and my children were not in the kitchen like they usually are. Glass was EVERYWHERE...from the laundry room, back door to our breakfast nook as well as all over the counter.  YUP my fun story from last week so now for our menu...

Sunday, February 26
Oatmeal, fruit
Chex cereal in coconut milk (yeah, we’re always stuffed from lunch and I love simple Sundays!)

Monday, February 27
Oatmeal with raisins (per request of Davis), apples
Burritos, oranges
Stuffed Green Peppers, fruit

Tuesday, February 28
Very berry roll up, strawberries
Back bean soup, avocado, some kind of bread-garlic knots maybe (thanks Anna)
Green Goddess Enchiladas (thanks Leslie via Pinterest)

Wednesday, February 29
Cranberry orange muffin, banana
Hummus/carrot sticks, cucumbers, with ranch, fruit salad
Taco potatoes

Thursday, March 1
Whole wheat waffles, grapefruit
Black bean soup, avocado, bread sooo leftovers
White Bean & Spinach Stew, broccoli, corn bread

Friday, March 2
Sweet potato biscuits, maple butter, triple berry salad
Leftover-clean out the fridge day
Pizza, spring mix salad, applesauce

Saturday, March 3
Brunch with sweet friends for me, whole wheat pancakes with strawberry toppings
Tortilla pizza/open faced pizza, spring salad, fruit

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