Menu Plan: March 11 - 17

homemade whole wheat bagel with banana
  My week in the kitchen didn't start off on the right foot last week.  Monday and Tuesday's dinner were awful, like throw away-start over (Monday) or rinse off the pasta (Tuesday) bad.  So when Wednesday's Vegan Quiche (lunch) appeared on my menu I knew I couldn't afford another flop.  I did make one and boy am I glad I did.  It was EXCELLENT!  Darrell even took it for lunch on Friday and loved it.  (NOT kidding, I knew he'd hate it, glad I was wrong!)   SOOOO happy the week turned around with a hit!  So the Vegan Quiche is reappearing this week as dinner.  Saturday morning I whipped up a double batch of whole wheat waffles one for breakfast that morning and the other for the freezer.  I also made honey whole wheat bagels, pictured above for Monday (and the rest for the freezer).

I am looking forward to meeting my newest niece...HOPEFULLY she will arrive this week so we can return to the mountains for a quick visit and meet her.  (her due date has come and gone)

Sunday, March 11

Oatmeal, grapefruit
Burritos, oranges
leftover pizza, salad / chili potato deal

Monday, March 12
Honey Whole Wheat bagels with vegan cream cheese, bananas
Burritos, apple slices
Sweet potato veggie burger with avocado slices, baked onion rings, homemade coleslaw

Tuesday, March 13
Oatmeal, grapefruit
Hummus, cucumbers/carrots, pretzels, oranges
Delicious Big Bowl Quinoa, fruit

Wednesday, March 14
Sweet potato biscuits with maple butter, strawberries
St Patty Day Play date-Green Snacks
Spaghetti, spring mix salad, ww homemade bread knots

Thursday, March 15
Whole wheat waffles, fruit
Vegan quiche

Friday, March 16
Biscuits with grapefruit
Green goddess enchiladas (our St Patty meal early)

Saturday, March 16
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