Menu Plan: May 6 - 12

Sunday, May 6
Oatmeal, pumpkin muffins
Stir fry brown rice/veggies with mushrooms, apple slices
GiGi is treating us to dinner!

Monday, May 7
Whole Wheat Waffles, strawberries
Burritos, apple slices
15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta, spinach mango salad

Tuesday, May 8
Pumpkin Muffins, mango
Rice cake with sunbutter/raisins, raw veggies, oranges
Tomato-avocado-bacon sliders, baked sweet potato fries, mango slices

Wednesday, May 9
Oatmeal, kiwi
Roasted chickpeas, asparagus side of quinoa Darrell: Avocado-Lime Black Bean Salad
Cooked all day baked beans and my coleslaw

Thursday, May 10
Green Smoothie with muffin
Avocado-Lime Black Bean Salad
Clean out fridge or pasta

Friday, May 11
Bagels w/ cream cheese, applesauce
Family here, Japanese maybe?!?!

Saturday, May 12
Davis' choice

Endurance Crackers (hope to make these)Pin It

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