Tasty Tuesday: In My Kitchen

Sorry.  No recipe today.  With family here last week I didn't get around to taking any photos of food I prepared.  Instead I thought I would give you a peak into my kitchen.  I hope it helps at least one person out there...

I'll start off saying that I wish Darrell would agree to go back vegan but for now I guess it's a nice change up in the kitchen.  Chicken. I have to say this stuff is pricey.  I only buy hormone free, antibiotic free, blah blah blah free chicken.  So, yes, it adds up.  Today I purchased almost 20 pounds of chicken (15 breasts and 1 pound thighs).  While preparing lunch from our menu (I actually switched lunch and dinner) I was able to prep these for the freezer.  Normally, I would prep a little more, like cut them into cubes or strips.  Today, I just wrapped them one breast per package and stuck them in my (thank you Rudd Farm) strawberry baskets and tossed them in the freezer.  I decided it wasn't worth pre-cutting today since 1. I already have a jars with pre-cut chicken in the freezer and 2.  I wanted a "quick" day in the kitchen. 

Beans.  This is how I store my dry beans.  Yes. I realize I could leave them in the plastic bag I purchase them in but why?  They don't stack nice and orderly in my pantry.  Besides, isn't this more pleasing to the eye?  Ok, so not the glare, but why take them all out just to snap a quick picture of.  You get the idea (and yes, they are alphabetical)!

Stuff.  Flax seed (bulk purchase I grind, we use as "eggs" and in smoothies/foods), sucanat, yeast, corn meal, nutritional yeast, etc.  Everything here is bought in bulk and then stored in jars.

Spices.  Bulk purchased and stored in half pint jars.
Coconut Oil.  I purchase my coconut oil from Tropical Traditions and Vitacost*.  In December I opened a five gallon, yes you read right, a five gallon bucket of the liquid gold (pictured above).  I scoop it out into a smaller but large container to keep in quick reach.  What do I use it for?  Essentially it replaces butter and skin lotion.  Yes, another great thing about this oil is that it's great for many uses or recipes
Wheat.  I also purchase 50 pound bags of whole Hard White Wheat berries (more info here, she does a great job explaining).  Our family (2 adults, 5 year old, 2 year old and one on the way) can easily go through fifty pounds in less than three months.  Crazy but true.  Since everything I make is from scratch it doesn't take long to use it.  I store it in plastic buckets with lids.  To keep things frugal free I collected them from local grocery stores.  Just call and ask the bakery for their icing buckets.  They gladly handed them over to me (5 gallon and 2.5 gallons).  Note:  I recommend a warm day outside when you can use your garden hose to clean those lard ridden things.  Talk about a job cutting the grease...and to think people eat that.  :/  Not judging, just saying!)  I digress.  Back to wheat.  I grind and store in the below container.  That's the start to some cinnamon swirl bread in the bowl, yummy!

*Note: The link in this post is my referral link.  If you go through this link you will recieve $10 off $30 and I will too!

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God's daughter said...

Wow Morgan this is awesome. I would love to know more about your grocery budget..is it significantly higher? What store do you you buy most of your bulk? Also, alphabetically I totally agree. The only way it should be when you have that many. Also, what link is a referral link? You had several of them? Thanks for sharing :)

Hana said...

Hey Morgan, thanks for sharing. Where do you buy your chicken? We are buying a portion of a hormone/antibiotic free, grass fed cow from a local farm and I'd love to do the same with chicken. Would love to never have to purchase meat from a grocery store again.