Tasty Tuesday: Response to Comments

Before I respond to the comments I thought I'd say this:

I mentioned here that I would make Poptarts this week.  I made them Saturday afternoon.  As I started gathering ingredients Davis asked what I was making.  When I said poptarts she wrinkled her nose and asked what those were.  I got a kick out of that and told her she'd have to wait and see.  I wasn't so impressed and probably won't make them again any time soon.  There isn't anything "bad" about the recipe just other things we'd rather eat.  Lawson didn't approve at all and he eats ANYTHING!  Instead he begged for banana bread this morning which I had so that's what he ate.  Davis ate them just fine and would probably like them on special occasions.  

Sara:  Wow Morgan this is awesome. I would love to know more about your grocery budget..is it significantly higher? What store do you you buy most of your bulk? Also, alphabetically I totally agree. The only way it should be when you have that many. Also, what link is a referral link? You had several of them? Thanks for sharing :)

Our food budget is higher, yes.  Worth every penny?  Most definitely.  I love knowing exactly what I am serving my family (and guests).  Some months it is even more if I need to purchase grain, coconut milk or coconut oil since that runs close to and over $100 per purchase (not the milk).  

It depends on what I am buying as to where I purchase the bulk items.

Coconut Milk:  Whole Foods by the case lately.  They've had it on sale plus a WFs coupon AND they have the added bonus of 10% off if you purchase a case.  A case of So Delicious Coconut Milk (what we use) is 6 half gallons.  Right before Christmas I bought three cases at an amazing price.  While that milk is LONG gone and the awesome sale WF has still been running decent sales and put out another So Delicious coupon so that's where I've been getting it.  :)

Grain:  Yoder's Amish Market   When I'm there I usually pick up other random things they carry (spices and such) I might be low on.  While they are located in Salisbury and Blanch.  I make half day fun trips out of it during the week or we'll do a family Saturday trip to Blanch, NC.  Blanch is a nice two lane country drive so we take our time.  This location also has a little deli so we've picked up a snack there too.  

Spices:  Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Deep Roots Market Co-op  Depends.  EF has more of everything I need.  I feel like WF has a very limited selection.  Deep Roots-lots to choose from too- I just don't frequent there as often.

Sucanut:  I haven't found an unbelievable price on this very expensive sugar.  I scoop from the bulk department at EF and WFs for now.  Although Heavenly Homemakers does post when she or someone has spotted a good deal!  :)

Coconut Oil:  Vitacost or Tropical Traditions (depends which I need)

Dry Beans:  Not exactly in bulk but kinda.  Aldi, Walmart, Whole Foods or Earth Fare (looking for a serious bulk purchase of these but can't seem to locate anyone that beats the listed above, especially after shipping!)

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips:  Thanks to Enjoy LIfe we can still enjoy chocolate chips.  My homemade ones melt too easy so these are a saving grace!  Amazon and Vitacost have both has specials on these (very rare).  The place I've purchased these the most is Target.  Actually, it's a Target in Arlington,  VA of all places.  My sister lives in DC so when we visit her I clear their shelf OR if she visiting and I am low she clears the shelf for me and brings them down.  :)  They are free of wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish or shellfish. Enjoy Life products are also made without casein, potato, sesame and sulfites .  Finally, they are made in a dedicated nut- and gluten-free.  

Referral link:  I'm sorry, that is for the Vitacost link.  If you go through my link you will receive $10 off your $30 purchase and I will too if you go through my link.  :)

Hana:  Hey Morgan, thanks for sharing. Where do you buy your chicken? We are buying a portion of a hormone/antibiotic free, grass fed cow from a local farm and I'd love to do the same with chicken. Would love to never have to purchase meat from a grocery store again.

I purchase our chicken from Fresh Market (usually only during the $2.99 lb chicken breast sell), or Summerfield Farms (WFs or EF just price depending!).  I'm not sure when they will be selling chickens again but I'm sure you could call to find out.  Summerfield Farms also sells beef and eggs.  They are grass fed ~ never fed antibiotics, hormones or animal by products. The hours are odd so make sure to you see their Facebook page for those.  

If you know any local sources please share.  I am currently looking for a great bee person for honey (obviously).  I know one person but would like to get some other prices especially since honey is so crazy expensive!!!

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Hana said...

Thanks Morgan :) I actually contacted Summerfield Farms a few days ago but have yet to get a response. I guess I will try again. Do you think Earth Fare's all natural chicken breast is just as good? They are running their 2.99lb special so we've been grabbing a bunch of that for now.

And thanks for the heads up on the pop tarts...I was just getting ready to make those today. My kiddos unfortunately love poptarts and I was hoping to find a healthier alternative for a quick breakfast since they have to be ready to go for school by 7:15. I just cannot function enough to cook meals that early ;) Are they horrible tasting or maybe could be done differently. Is the crust sweet?

Morgan said...

Yes. I think EF is a just as good and get meat from there sometimes too. I probably should've mentioned them. :/

Poptarts: They are not sweet like store ones that for sure. The crust isn't sweet either. I made most of them with my jam (sweetened with honey) and then a couple with some Blackberry jam I bought at the Amish Market. I am sure the recipe could be tweaked though.

I typically bake the day before on my schedule. There are only a few things I get up early enough to go in the oven and I don't even have to get children off to school. :) The Breakfast Cake is on of those that is so worth the extra early rising to finish making and bake!! Served warm is best but even after it cools it is still delish! Oh the Cinnamon Rolls.

God's daughter said...

Thanks for answering all my questions. I have also made a similar poptart recipe and it was not that awesome either. But the one thing I did like, was that it was not jelly in the middle, but the real thing. So I made a apple pie one- it was diced apples, oatmeal and cinnamon. Delicious. It may help.

Anonymous said...
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