Meal Plan: Feb 3 - Feb 9

Homemade Corn-dogs with carrots, apples and oranges
I was able to get a few things made for the freezer.  We had plenty of Taco Soup and Quinoa Veggie Chili (recipe tomorrow) that went into the freezer as well.  My brain isn't allowing me to remember what else I did last week (I am schooling two children while trying to get this posted).  

UPDATE:  I remembered!   Freezer additions: 3 quarts of spaghetti sauce  - 2 loaves of Cranberry Bread (recipe soon) - started a batch of cookies and bought 9 green bell peppers to chop and freeze as well.  Wouldn't you know we are almost out of all of the ones from the garden!?!  We do eat tons of peppers though so it only makes sense.  

Food this week:  I am using things (ie beans, veggies) leftover from last week in recipes this week.  I didn't want to freeze them and had rather use them up.   I only had to purchase fresh fruit and veggies (cabbage, kale, spinach, broccoli).  I also grabbed several cans of organic diced tomatoes from Aldi  as a stock up, can't beat $1.49 for 28oz. Meat is frozen and ready to go.  Coconut milk is low (only one gallon) I am going to have to order some or hold out for a "better sale" at HT or LFs.  Fingers crossed on that one!

Sunday, February 3rd
Oatmeal with cranberries
Taco Soup
Chicken Salad, Applesauce (canned last fall), Greens

Monday, February 4th
Poptarts (made Saturday-today first day serving them.  Davis already asked, “What’s a poptart?”), fruit
Baked Beans, Coleslaw, green grapes
Chicken Pot Pie, oranges  (sorry Reagan this is much quicker than what you sent me) 

Tuesday, February 5th
Cranberry Bread, fruit
Taco Bean Salad  (chips, refried beans, guac, spinach with fruit)
Shepherds Pie

Wednesday, February 6th
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, fruit
Rajmah(red kidney bean curry), Naan Bread  (new recipe-hope we like!)
Crock pot chicken BBQ, peas, potato wedges

Thursday, February 7th
English Muffin Bread (new recipe), fruit
Sloppy Joe Muffins, Baby Carrots, Apple Slices
Veggie Soup, Cornbread (maybe, I might change this depending on the weather and if I feel like eating this because truth be known I don't like Veggie Soup)

Friday, February 8th
Whole Wheat Pancakes, fruit
Jack Basil Meatloaf (venison, no eggs or cheese), Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli

Saturday, February 9th 
Sourdough Biscuits (they are our favorite WW biscuit recipe to date!), Grapefruit
Whole Wheat Calzones (pulling from freezer), Spinach Salad, fruit

Fruit for the week:
Blueberries – Blackberries – Strawberries – Bananas – Grapes- Oranges – Apples – Grapefruit


Breakfast breads from above
Fresh Fruit

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Jason said...

Thank you for posting a link to the Naan Bread Recipe.

I really appreciate it.

The weekly menu looks great and as the title of the blog says: FRUGAL.

The best tasting food is the one you make at home knowing you did not spend a fortune on it.