Menu Plan: Feb 10 - Feb 16

Chocolate , Plain and Earth Balance Soy Free Buttered Popcorn

I am excited to share my popcorn with you.  Not really sure why.  Maybe because I remembered to buy some corns at Whole Foods while on a date night (I guess I could think clearly without kiddies).  Maybe because we haven't eaten any in over two years (Lawson never).  Who knows.  However, my family was so excited when I popped it Saturday night for "dessert".   I think the eating part was just as exciting as the watching it explode in the pot stove top!!  Needless to say,  I popped WAY too much but that's alright it's made a great snack.  The brown popcorn, I promise, is chocolate.  I tossed some mini chocolate chips in to melt at the last minute...sure satisfied my sweet tooth for the night!

Another fun thing I discovered Saturday is that you can bake pancakes.  Yes, bake pancakes!  Now why I am just now learning about this I have NO idea.  I can say I will probably never make normal pancakes again.  (Admittedly, I am a TERRIBLE pancake maker!) There's a program that my mother's business participates in called Rainbow In My Tummy  and I was looking at some of the recipes and found it.  I'll gladly share if there is interest mostly because I'll have to convert from a recipe serving size of 30 to something a bit more "normal" family sized.  ;)

Enjoy your week as you celebrate Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, Feb 10th
Oatmeal, fruit
Lunch out Emma Keys (wanted burger and fries, what can I say)
Pancakes baked in the oven, fruit 

Monday, Feb 11th
Oatmeal with cranberries
BBQ chicken roll up, steamed broccoli, orange slices
Chicken Nuggets, sweet potatoes, green beans

Tuesday, Feb 12th
Giant Breakfast Cookies, grapefruit
Quick & Easy Creamy Tomato Mushroom PastaWW butterhorns, apple slices
Some kind of chicken, okra, corn, beans/quinoa

Wednesday,  Feb 13th
WW banana bread, fruit
Stuffed Peppers
Deer roast (via crock pot), carrots, potatoes, WW butterhorns

Thursday, Feb 14th
Breakfast Cake, fruit
Leftovers or  Sunbutter on rice cake, raw veggies, fruit 
Meatless Tacos

Friday, Feb 15th
WW cinnamon rolls (from freezer), fruit
Naughty and Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole
Crock Pot Chicken and Rice, carrots, salad

Saturday, Feb 16th
Daddy Breakfast Choice
Homemade Pizza Bar, salad, fruit

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