Menu Plan for March 4 - March 10

After the explosion last week, I am happy to report this week as "accident free".  We had the usual trip to Aldi today.  Everything above for $17...PLUS a small order from Whole Foods (5 lb organic carrots, kale, vegan cream cheese & butter, coconut milk, maybe 1 or 2 more things I forgot)...spent around $17 there too.  Speaking of, I canNOT wait for Whole Foods to open here!!! 

I'm not sure why I have all these soups going on this week.  Maybe it's because I'm a little chilly now and the sound of a soup/stew is warming.  The soup recipes are new to me so I just hope they are yummy!!  How about you...anything new you are trying this week?

Sunday, March 4

Oatmeal, grapefruit
Burritos, grapes
leftover bean/spinach stew from last week

Monday, March 5
Applesauce Carrot bread, oranges
Burritos, apple slices
Tortilla & black bean blender Soup, peas, tortilla chips (maybe)

Tuesday, March 6
7 grain cereal, grapefruit
Vegetable Minestrone Soup
Spinach Pesto Whole Wheat Pasta, steamed carrots, spring mix salad, ww homemade bread sticks

Wednesday, March 7
Applesauce Bread, blueberries
trying my hand at eggless spinach quiche…hmmmmm - I'll report back on that one
Quesadilla on WW homemade tortilla w/ avocado dip, apple slices

Thursday, March 8
Warm Cinnamon Quinoa, blueberries
Bean soup, Whole Wheat Bread Sticks, green beans
Potato & Spinach Soup

Friday, March 9
Pumpkin muffins, Apples
Leftover-clean out the fridge day
Pizza, spring mix salad, applesauce

Saturday, March 10
Whole wheat waffles, oranges
hoping for more leftovers here too
Bean Chili on baked potato, steamed broccoli, garden canned corn

hummus with veggies for dipping
rice cakes (w/ almond butter for Davis) and raisins
prunes (yes my children LOVE dried prunes)Pin It

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