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We had a wonderful time celebrating Davis' Fourth Birthday this past week.  It was filled with lots of fun, good for you food and friends.  This week I plan to make larger dinners so they will carry over to lunch.  Our week days aren't so busy this week so I can warm on/in the oven our lunches.  I also have two recipes to share later this week.  No grocery shopping yet we are still going through what I purchased last Sunday.  This week I plan to do a good  number of bean batches as my freezer bean stock is quite low. 

Target (New Garden) opened the NEW grocery department yesterday.  Our family went to check out the prices of produce and walk around the store (yes we did).  While they are certainly NOT Aldi prices they are definetly not Teeter prices either.   They do carry Silk Coconut Milk for $3.29 which isn't half bad and I might have a coupon or two that I can use!

Anyway, on to our menu...

Sunday, March 26

Oatmeal, grapes
Taco Soup Wraps
Open Tortilla pizzas
Monday, March 26
Oatmeal, grapes
leftover sw potato burgers, sides
Turkey Dogs, coleslaw, homemade baked beans, fruit salad

Tuesday, March 27
whole wheat waffles, grapefruit
corn dog muffins, carrots, apple slices
Tofurky grinders, raw carrots/celery, rice chips

Wednesday, March 28
Coconut flour banana muffins, apples
Venison Jack Basil Meatloaf (as requested by DH), Potato Spinach Bites, Green Beans

Thursday, March 29
Oatmeal, fruit
Pigs in a blanket (from freezer), raw veggies and fruit
Delicious Big Bowl Quinoa, fruit

Friday, March 30
Coconut flour banana muffins, whatever fruit is left
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