Stock up Monday

Monday afternoon I spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen.  I needed to re-stock my freezer with some pre-baked bakery items.  Darrell often uses these as a mid-morning snack and the children and I eat them as breakfast.  Darrell typically makes a green smoothie with who knows what thrown in it and also has a hot green tea. 

Yesterday was the was the perfect baking day since it was rather chilly outside and the sun didn’t make an appearance. I started off my baking with pumpkin muffins.  I had pumpkin leftover from last week's veggie burgers so I wanted to use the rest so it didn't go to waste.  I had also purchased a ton of quick sale bananas Sunday so off to the mixing bowl they went.  They made a couple batches of banana muffins both normal size and mini muffins.  I completed the baking adventure with Coconut Flour Banana Muffins.  I linked Heavenly Homemakers recipes since she doesn't use refined sugar and I LOVE that. 

Now, to the chopping block…  I diced 9 peppers and placed them in bags ready for use.  I usually flash freeze these but I towel dried the peppers off and that seemed to work.  (Flash freeze in a single layer so they don’t freeze in a large pepper ball.  Mine are fine since they weren’t wet going into the bag.)

Finally to wrap up my kitchen activities I made a large jar of Ranch Dressing.  As you know that’s quick and easy to make! 

Excuse the ugly picture below I forgot to take one with my camera before I packed it all up.  So I suppose this will have to do...

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