Menu Plan: Jan 20 - 26

Succotash, Cornbread
My sister and her children are visiting for a week or so.  I just hope she and her little one enjoy our meals this week.  They survived the Succotash last night so I'd say they're off to a good start.  ;)
Last week Calico Beans and Black Bean Burgers didn't happen.  I ended up with way more leftovers so I didn't need to make them.  Hopefully, I have planned better this week and with visitors we won't have many leftovers anyway. 

Cold Cereal (so glad I had on hand-running super late for church-thanks to a great deal at Whole Foods)
Dinner out with my sister

Whole Wheat Pancakes, fruit
Chicken Salad with apples, Pretzels and Mango
Succotash, Cornbread  (egg/dairy free cornbread)

Breakfast Cake, Strawberries  (no buttermilk, I use coconut milk with vinegar to "sour it")
Taco Potatoes (meatless), Oranges
Fajitas, will make WW tortillas

Giant Breakfast Cookies, Strawberries
Black bean burgers, Ranch Potato Wedges, Blackberries
Sicilian Braised Chicken and Couscous with Celery

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls, Apple slices (milk=coconut milk, butter=coconut oil)
Calico Beans (but I'll leave out the meat), Cornbread (didn't make last week)  (egg/dairy free cornbread)
Split Pea Soup, Soft Pretzels  (milk=coconut milk, butter=coconut oil)

Monkey Bread, Mango  (milk=coconut milk, butter=coconut oil)
Pizza, Salad, Kiwi  (using this dough, freeze extra for later use)

Chocolate Chip Quinoa Muffins
Chicken, Sweet Potatoes Cauliflower, Fruit Salad
Spaghetti, Salad and No Knead Overnight Bread

Our substitues to linked recipes are:
milk=coconut milk
butter=coconut oil
butter for cornbread=Earth Balance Soy Free
eggs=flax eggs
buttermilk=coconut milk + vinegarPin It

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Anonymous said...

Oh everything is delicious so far! Love the sister.