Menu Plan: Feb 17 - 23

Merritt Kennedy via Instagram

We have been overjoyed at the arrival of Merritt Kennedy.  We welcomed her bright and early Friday morning (2:27am).  Needless to say, that is why this post is a tad late. 
We have had friends reach out offering to bless our family with meals.  We are so grateful for their willingness to minister to our family.   Thank you ladies!!   

My mother is here and is being the extra set of hands needed around here while adjustments are made.  I'm so thankful for her and her love that she shows others! 

The meal week looks something like this...

Sunday, Feb 17th
Oatmeal with fruit
Stuffed Peppers (stuffed with quinoa not rice), fruit salad
Blessed by a sweet friend

Monday, Feb 18th
Banana Bread, fruit
Clean out the fridge - leftovers
Blessed by a sweet friend

Tuesday, Feb 19th
Cranberry Bread, fruit
Leftovers from last night – Awesome Mexican :)
Baked Chicken Nuggets, baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli

Wednesday, Feb 20th
Oven baked pancakes, fruit salad
Baked beans, slaw, fruit
Corndogs, baked potato fries, peas, fruit

Thursday, Feb 21st
Breakfast cake, fruit
Sloppy joe muffins, green beans, fruit
Blessed by a sweet friend

Friday, Feb 22nd
Simple Sourdough Biscuits (will use soured coconut milk-will have to soak overnight), fruit
Blessed by a sweet friend

Saturday, Feb 23rd
Vegan version of Warm Vanilla Soother, Pumpkin muffins, fruit
Hoping for leftovers
Whatever Daddy’s makes :)Pin It

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