Menu Plan: March 10 - 16

Reagan's Pho

This is a fun and busy week for us.  We (my three children, mom and Brittany (sister #3) are visiting Reagan (sister #2) in Washington, D.C.  We made our menu last night and I meant to post it but completely forgot.  Now after a long day I remembered I better get this posted.  

Reagan made Chicken Pho for us Sunday night.  I had never eaten this before.  Can I just say, it was delicious!  If it didn't take all day I might even try this one myself.  Who knows I still may but just not anytime soon!!  Thanks Reagan it was delicious!!!

Sunday, March 10th
Banana bread, Grapes
Wraps (greens, ham, hummus, avocado), kiwi
Pho, salad, RaRa's French bread

Monday, March 11th
Cranberry bread, fruit
Wraps and fruit on the National Mall
Salmon, couscous, kale strawberry salad, broccoli 

Tuesday, March 12th
Overnight orange spice steelcut oats with pomegranate and orange blossom honey, 
Chicken salad, kale chips, fruit salad
Naked enchiladas served over quinoa

Wednesday, March 13th 
Breakfast cake, fruit
BBQ chicken, coleslaw, baked beans

Thursday, March 14th
Banana Muffins, fruit
Spaghetti, broccoli 
Meatloaf, potatoes, okra

Friday, March 15th
Steel cut oats via crockpot, fruit
Chicken, asparagus, peas 

Saturday, March 16th
Breakfast cake, fruit
Attending BBQ fundraiser

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