Menu Plan: March 3 - 9th

Eggplant Parmesan (vegan) served last week - Delicious!!!!
This afternoon I did a quick inventory of our deep freezer.  I hadn't done it in a while plus I wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten about any meals I had prepped before Merritt arrived.  While I didn't discover any 'forgotten' meals I did forget about the stock of garden fresh corn and squash.  I filled (more than filled) a Trader's Joe's paper bag of creamed corn from my MILs garden last summer.  I guess I will be making some corn/creamed corn recipes in the coming weeks.    

Sunday the children and I leave for Washington DC.   I decided to make nuggets for Darrell one day this week so he doesn't think he is going through withdrawal (mostly of honey mustard sauce-I think).  ;)  I will also be making meals for him for next week.  I typically toss everything in the freezer (labeled) and leave a menu so he can see what his options are.  This way I know he eats for a week and also know it isn't frozen pizza every night.  Although I will say someone gave me a MIR (mail in rebate) for pizza so I bought him a frozen one from Whole Foods (I know he'll be thrilled).   

Sunday, March 3th
Oatmeal, fruit
Pizza Party with fruit  (we celebrated the children's birthday(s) this weekend on a overnight trip!)

Monday, March 4th
Banana Bread, apples
Wraps made by Auntie B (they're the BEST, partly because I don't have to make them)  ;)
Dinner Out

Tuesday, March 5th
Banana Bread, fruit
Clean out the Fridge, apple/orange slices
Naked Enchiladas, oranges

Wednesday, March 6th
Cranberry bread, fruit
Last Nights dinner, mango
Quinoa Veggie Chili, butterhorns, probably a salad and fruit too 

Thursday, March 7th
Chocolate Chip Muffins, grapefruit
Last Nights Dinner, smoothies
Chick Fil A chicken nuggets, creamed corn, cauliflower, colorful fruit salad (what a boring colored meal)

Friday, March 8th
Chocolate Chip Muffins, fruit
Black eye pea soup (via crockpot), bread, fruit salad
Make your own pizza night!!

Saturday, March 9th
Cinnamon Rolls (last batch from freezer), fruit

Black Bean Chilaquiles (sans dairy), avocado slices  

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