Menu Plan: March 17 - 23

Washington Monument under repairs from Earthquake, scheduled to reopen 2014
National Museum of Natural History (we do this pic once a year)

Last week we enjoyed our trip to Washington, D.C.  The weather was great for early March so that made it even better.  We packed our lunch and hit the road/metro during the day.  I have to say we go there at least twice a year so we don't have to rush around trying to see "all there is to see".   We pretty much take our time and decide the night before what we'll do the next day.   

We returned from DC late in the week then headed west to the mountains for a birthday party, my niece turned ONE-Happy Birthday Dagen!!  
While last week was busy and fun I am happy to be home and can return to our normal routine (whatever that is).  :)   Plus get back in my kitchen and cook/bake!  

Sunday, March 17th
Steel Cut Oats via crock pot
BBQ, slaw, strawberries

Monday, March 18th
Banana Bread, fruit
Chicken salad w/ diced apples, orange slices
Sloppy Joes (sans bun), asparagus, okra

Tuesday, March 19th
Cranberry Bread, grapefruit
Leftovers/Sunbutter on Rice Cake, raw veggies, fruit
Shrimp and Quinoa (Instead of Grits)

Wednesday, March 20th
Giant breakfast cookies, applesauce
Meatless Taco potatoes, fruit
Crock pot Cabbage Rolls,  

Thursday, March 21st
Waffles, fruit
Chicken and Noodles, carrots

Maple Baked Lentils with Sweet Potato, served over salad greens

Friday, March 22nd (Happy 5th Birthday Davis! - her choices)
Blueberry Muffins, grapefruit
Homemade corn dogs, peas, broccoli, fruit salad 
Pizza (no surprise here!!), honey mustard & salad, raspberries

Saturday, March 23rd
Leftovers!Pin It

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