Meal Plan: Jan 13 - 19

Here it is.  The meal plan for the week. I didn't mean to do pizza for dinner and then lunch the next day (who is complaining anyway?).  But I have cilantro that needs to go before it gets only smoothie worthy and I'd like it on a copy cat Brixx pizza first!! 

Does anyone have a recipe for Sticky Fingers Carolina Sweet Barbecue Sauce?  I'd LOVE to find one but can't seem to find one on the internet  The one I made for this pizza isn't quite there.  I'm still 'doctoring' it but probably won't get close or even be able to do it again.  :/ 

Giant Breakfast Cookies
Chicken salad, raw veggies, pretzels and berries
Homemade Chicken Nuggets, carrots, apple slices

Pumpkin muffins
Homemade Nuggets, oranges, coconut yogurt
Whole wheat calzones, salad, apples

Breakfast Cake, smoothies
BBQ chicken pizza (Brixx copycat, minus cheese), salad, fruit
Curry Chicken, mixed veggies

Whole Wheat Waffles, blackberries
Black bean burgers, peas, strawberries
Baked Beans and slaw

Banana Bread, grapefruit
Sloppy Joe Muffins, cauliflower, blackberries
Birthday Party at a restaurant

Banana Bread, fruit
Hummus, carrots, cucumbers, oranges and pretzels
Jack Basil Meatloaf, okra, potatoes (mashed most likely)

Biscuits, turkey bacon (maybe), fruit
Calico beans (I’ll leave out beef and just do turkey bacon/beans), cornbread
Shrimp, broccoli, quinoa dish (not sure what to call it really)

Going to add to the Freezer:
Calzones, because the recipes makes a ton!
Black bean burgers (again recipe large enough for two meals)
Baked breads (probably banana and pumpkin)

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